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Lill Kohler reviews EVERYBODY'S BROKEN by Fay Lamb

Lill Kohler reviews EVERYBODY'S BROKEN by Fay Lamb

Short Version from Amazon:

The walls have ears … and voices. Voices that threaten …

Abra Carmichael's husband, Beau, has been murdered. She begins to realize that the man she loved was never who he seemed. Beau's secrets endanger Abra, their twin sons, and everyone who loved him. When Abra's life and the lives of their boys are threatened, she flees to Amazing Grace, North Carolina, and to Beau's family—people she never knew existed until the day of Beau's funeral.

For six years Shane Browne, an award-winning songwriter had both wished for and dreaded the return of his cousin. Beau's departure from their small hometown left behind his family and his inheritance, a grand Victorian with its legend of secret passages, which lay empty. Empty until Abra moves to Amazing Grace, into the house Beau willed to her only weeks before his death.

Shane finds himself deeply drawn to Abra and her sons, desiring a future with them and his daughter. But the danger follows Abra to the peacefulness of the North Carolina mountains. Abra and Shane are both threatened, and Abra claims to hear noises deep within the walls of the old home.

Shane will do everything possible to keep Abra and her boys safe, even if that means revealing secrets of his own that will completely shatter Abra's already broken heart and destroy his relationship with everyone he loves.

My Take:

This is my first time to read a novel by Faye Lamb. I must say she has a flare for twists and turns in a story that even when I figured out who is the villain was, I kept turning the pages. In Everyone’s Broken Fay Lamb shows how we see ourselves may not necessarily be how others see us.

As the main character, Abra, struggles to piece life together while hiding out from the man who killed her husband, she discovers this truth. Her eyes are opened and she’s faced with dealing with who she really is and what these new revelations mean to her future. And as her world seems to be turned upside down she rediscovers her relationship with God and His presence in her life.

The male lead in this novel is Shane. As I turned the pages I discovered a faithful man who withholds truth in order to protect those he loves. He too learns the importance of honesty and how painful lies, even when told to protect, can hurt. But, he also learns about forgiveness and its power of healing.

As family and friends work to solve the mysteries surrounding deaths and attacks their stories and hidden truths also emerge. Together and united, they figure out all the mysteries that need solving. It was a pleasure to see each character grow and each story come to a satisfactory conclusion. I highly recommend Fay Lamb’s book to anyone who has a passion for romantic-suspense.

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review.

About the Reviewer:

Lill Kohler wears many hats…mother, grandmother, nurse, writer, blogger, housekeeper, and aspiring gardener. Each holds importance in her heart, but none as great as following the leading of God. She is published in Guidepost’s book Heavenly Company: Entertaining Angels Unaware and OakTara’s Falling In Love With You. You can follow her posts on her blog sites:,,


  1. Thank you so much, Lorraine for the kind review and encouraging words.

    1. You are welcome. I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Great review! Suspense, romance ... what more could I ask for? I've got this on my Kindle and now I'm anxious to read it.


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