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Marji Laine Reviews TARGETED FOR MURDER by Elizabeth Goddard

Marji Laine Reviews TARGETED FOR MURDER by Elizabeth Goddard

Amazon Short Version: 

With his dying breath, Hadley Mason's fatally shot father reveals he's a CIA agent…and a bounty has been placed on both their heads. Heeding his urgent warning to disappear and trust no one, Hadley flees into the Oregon wilderness, but she can't shake the string of hired killers on her trail. So when a fearless and too-handsome wilderness guide comes to her rescue, Hadley has no choice but to put her life in Cooper Wilde's hands. The former Green Beret vows to protect her, but beyond steep gorges and treacherous terrain, a ruthless man will stop at nothing to see her dead. 

My Take:

When you pick up this book for the first time, make sure you're caught up on sleep and can hold your breath for a while. Elizabeth Goddard is a master at adding layers of suspense, and TARGETED FOR MURDER is no exception. Hadley Mason doesn't have a chance to live. If the first assassin fails, a steady march of new ones will take his place until the job is complete and Hadley is dead. 

I got exhausted by the time I'd reached Chapter Three. 

The book doesn't stop with doses of suspense. It matches equal parts of romance with the entrance of  Cooper Wilde, a wilderness survival trainer. Bigger than life heroes, especially when they're broken by their past and make mistakes throughout the plot, rivet me to the story. Coop is made especially vulnerable by Hadley. Though she's in desperate need of help, she's far from waif-like. Her strength draws him as much as her circumstances. 

As much as the suspense and romance kept me turning the pages, the action in this book propelled me to keep reading. From the second page, the intensity grew with on life-threatening event after another. The attacks came on without allowing the characters or me to stop and rest, breathe. I found myself flipping the pages instead of turning them. Turning them just wasn't fast enough!

Love Inspired Suspense and Elizabeth Goddard are a perfect match! May they continue to put out these incredible stories together! I'm so blessed to have been given a copy of TARGETED FOR MURDER by the author in return for an honest review. It was a true pleasure to read this book!

About the Senior Reviewer:

Suspense Sister, Marji Laine, loves books and writing. Her own Grime Fighter novella series, about a crime scene cleaner, involves mystery, romance, and a touch of suspense. She's also just released her first full novel, COUNTER POINT, for pre-order.

Living in a Dallas suburb with her hubby of almost 30 years and her twins - the youngest of four - she spends her days homeschooling and transporting her teenagers to various functions, especially volleyball games. She also directs the children's music, helps with the youth choir, and sings in the adult choir at her church, as well as coordinates the high school credit classes along with the website of a large home school co-op. In addition to all of that, she's just been named the Executive Director of Write Integrity Press.

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  1. Beverly Duell-MooreOctober 11, 2016 at 8:15 AM

    Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh!!!!! This sounds like such a great book! I love those page turners that you can't put down books! Can't wait to read this one!

  2. Then you are going to LOVE this one, Beverly! :)


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