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Sybil Bates McCormack reviews DISILLUSIONED by Christy Barritt

Sybil Bates McCormack reviews DISILLUSIONED by Christy Barritt

The Publisher's Summary:

Nikki Wright is desperate to help her brother, Bobby, who hasn’t been the same since escaping from a detainment camp run by terrorists in Colombia. Rumor has it that he betrayed his Navy brothers and conspired with those who held him hostage, and both the press and the military are hounding him for answers. All Nikki wants is to shield her brother so he has time to recover and heal.

But soon they realize the paparazzi are the least of their worries. When a group of men try to abduct Nikki and her brother, Bobby insists that Kade Wheaton, another former SEAL, can keep them out of harm’s way. But can Nikki trust Kade? After all, the man who broke her heart eight years ago is anything but safe…

Hiding out in a farmhouse on the Chesapeake Bay, Nikki finds her loyalties—and the remnants of her long-held faith—tested as she and Kade put aside their differences to keep Bobby’s increasingly erratic behavior under wraps. But when Bobby disappears, Nikki will have to trust Kade completely if she wants to uncover the truth about a rumored conspiracy. Nikki’s life—and the fate of the nation—depends on it.

My Take:

Author Christy Barritt’s gem-of-a-novel, Disillusioned, left me anything but. The work opens with a telling glimpse into heroine Nikki Wright’s frailties and strengths. Her Navy SEAL brother, Bobby Wright, has just been released from a two-week stay in a D.C. area hospital following a daring escape from captivity at the hands of a ruthless group of Colombian terrorists. Though unused to the glare and intrusiveness of the national limelight, Nikki and Bobby are thrust into it front and center by their circumstances. Not only does Bobby claim to have fled the custody of foreign, cold-blooded captors, his fundraising specialist sister, Nikki, claims to have facilitated his subsequent rescue.

It’s an account many consider suspect.

Reporters surround them, determined to ferret out the truth, rabid for the real story. Though fraught with anxiety and concern, Nikki has quickly assumed the role of protector to a brother hobbled by a crippling case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She’s arranged for Bobby’s immediate transfer to an undisclosed location while he continues to recover from his trying ordeal. Nikki has even hired a top-notch security detail tasked with ensuring their safe delivery to the private location.

Too bad nothing goes exactly as it should.

Minutes into the trip, the siblings are running for their lives with nowhere to turn. Nikki’s unsure there’s anyone they can trust. Despite his frail condition, however, Bobby contacts an old friend for help—a decision that will have a profound effect on both their lives.

Former Navy SEAL Kade Wheaton left military life behind to help those in need at home—brother military personnel tormented by the myriad difficulties associated with the return to civilian life. So when Bobby Wright issues a plea for help unlike any Kade’s received in the past, he dashes to his aide. That being said, Kade’s actions aren’t entirely selfless. After all, Bobby’s not the only one in trouble.

Nikki Wright, Bobby’s beautiful, God-fearing sister, was the one that got away. Since helping them
out of dire circumstances might prove the only way to get her back, Kade’s more than ready to assist. It soon becomes clear to him, however, that the road to reconciliation might prove more difficult than he’d imagined. The bad guys are closing in, Bobby’s not at all what he appears, and Nikki has changed. A lot. Life has thrown a few curve balls her way (pun intended—read the book!) since they last met eight years ago, and she’s clearly less than eager to trust again.

In Disillusioned, author Christy Barritt delivers a measured, intriguing build to a fulfilling, well-considered climax and resolution. The twists and turns prove plausible, if unpredictable. Both the main and secondary characters are finely drawn, and the plot is so cleverly conceived the reader won’t be certain who to trust, if anyone, until the end. (What a great selection of potential bad guys.) There are even subtle touches of humor surrounding one character throughout, and his/her intermittent appearances prove endearing—if a mite unsettling.

This one’s a winner. Don’t miss it!

Hope you’ll share your thoughts about the book in the comments section below. Until next time …

About the Reviewer:

A licensed Georgia attorney since 1998, Sybil Bates McCormack now writes responses to state and Federal contract solicitations during the day while lurching haltingly toward a career as an inspirational romantic suspense author at night. She's also the crazed wife of a bi-vocational pastor and mom to two bright, talented kids. They don't call her BizzySyb for nothing! You can visit Sybil at her blog, Christian Romance/Pulsating Suspense, follow her on FacebookPinterest, and Twitter, friend her on Goodreads, connect with her on LinkedIn, and add her to your circles on Google+.


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