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TWISTED INNOCENCE by Terri Blackstock

Here's the Short Version: 

Holly Cramer’s past choices have finally caught up to her, but she never expected them to endanger her baby.

Holly is the wild child among the four Cramer siblings. She’s the pusher-of-the-envelope, the youngest, and the one with the least experience with growing up in a whole and loving family. Too young to remember much about the days her father lived with them, all she really knows is that he—a former pastor—deserted them after having an affair.

Now an unwed mother, Holly is finally turning her life around. She’s becoming the responsible adult her brother and sisters had hoped she’d become. Then, in walks Creed Kershaw. More accurately, he’s sitting in the back seat of her cab with her own gun trained on her.

Creed is in deep trouble. A man with his own shady past, he’s now being sought for the murder of a drug dealer involved with the infamous Leonard Miller—the man whose crimes have plagued the Cramers and Michael Hogan. He claims he’s been set up, but how can Holly trust him when she knows nothing more of him than the one night they spent together, the little consequence of which is now about a month old?

In the meantime, Cathy works feverishly to free Michael. No more on that or I’d have to put in a spoiler alert.

My Take:

Twisted Innocence is the third and final book in Terri Blackstock’s Moonlighters series. Each novel centers on one particular sister, but we read points-of-view scenes from the other two and Michael. There’s a continuing story line throughout that’s wrapped up in an intense and satisfactory climax.

While reading, I sympathized with Holly over her struggle to prove herself—not only to her family, but to herself. I felt Creed’s guilt and fear, and cheered for Cathy in her goal. I enjoyed the whole series, though, as a whole, it’s really Cathy and Michael’s story.

That said, as I read through the first eighty pages, I was eager to get to the meat of this particular tale. Frankly, I felt the book started a little too soon. Creed doesn’t show up until page 83. Once he does, the plot takes off and the reader is swept up in his plight. I also had a little difficulty with the romantic element. I don’t want to give too much away, but I didn’t really feel the chemistry between Holly and Creed as I would have liked. Though it’s commendable, he seemed more interested in the baby than her. Terri Blackstock’s books are made up of as much, or more, suspense than romance, which is fine. This one, however, had so much going on that the romance seemed to get lost.

Even so, don’t let my comments discourage you. The Moonlighters series is well worth the read. But to get the flow of the plot, I’d advise starting with the first book, Truth Stained Lies and follow it up with Distortion, then Twisted Innocence.

About Reviewer Sandra Ardoin:

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  1. Good review - I do agree that the romantic aspect wasn't as good in this, but the series is still worth reading.

    1. Yes. All her books are worth reading. :)

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