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GRIME WAVE by Marji Laine

Iola Goulton reviews GRIME WAVE by Marji Laine.

Short Version

Finding the body of a dead man would freak out anyone. Even someone with Dani Foster’s gruesome job. She can’t help but join the search for this murderer. Maybe because she found the body, or because her friend is a suspect. Maybe the deep-seated drive to work on the case is to stay close to Crime Scene Specialist Jay Hunter. She excuses her actions as the normal ones of a detective’s daughter.

Though no one’s supposed to know about that.

Jay Hunter can’t escape the sharp eyes and keen mind that Dani has, or her beauty and fun-loving spirit. Her help might be exactly what he needs to secure the promotion he’s been hoping for. Though he can’t stand the thought of her being in danger. Not after the last time.

This is the second episode of the Grime Fighters series. Dani's troubles aren’t over, and the relationship between her and Jay is only beginning.

My Review

Crime scene cleaner Dani Foster is about to go on her first date with handsome policeman Jay Hunter when she finds herself at the other end of a crime scene—finding the murder victim. And the night goes from bad to worse when Dani is hauled down to the police station as a potential suspect. But her past is threatening to come and find her …

Grime Wave is the second in Marji Lane’s Grime Fighter series. The first book, Grime Beat, introduced us to Dani, Jay, and their respective friends, workplaces, and co-workers. Grime Wave gives us a stand-alone mystery for the pair to solve, and progresses Dani and Jay’s relationship. So while this story stands alone, it would be better to read Grime Beat first.

I enjoyed this even better than Grime Beat, because the first book had a big job in introducing the characters and solving the crime. Grime Wave was a smoother read is because those initial introductions have been made, which means the author—and therefore the reader—is able to focus more on the crime and the developing relationship. We get to know a little more about Dani’s mysterious past, and so does Jay … which only leads to more questions which will hopefully be answered soon in the next book!

Thanks to the author for providing a free ebook for review.

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  1. Yes, I enjoyed this one, too, Iola!

  2. Yes, I enjoyed this one, too, Iola!

  3. Nice review, Iola. I haven't read "Grime Wave" just yet but did read "Grime Beat." It was such a quick, fun read, and I'm looking forward to the new book!


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