Monday, July 13, 2015

UNDERCOVER BRIDE by Margaret Brownley

Marji Laine reviews:
I've been looking forward to reading Undercover Bride by Margaret Brownley since I read her last one, Petticoat Detective.

Here's the Short Version:
Pinkerton detective Maggie Cartwright is tasked with going undercover as a mail order bride. Her “fiancĂ©” is widower Garrett Thomas, aka the suspected Whistle-Stop Bandit. 
No sooner does Maggie arrive in Arizona Territory when she’s confronted with an early wedding date—the clock is ticking on her detective work or she may end up a criminal’s wife! As the day of the wedding draws near, Maggie begins to panic. 

The problem is that the more she gets to know Garrett and his two adorable children, the harder it is to keep up the deception. Can a man as kind and gentle as Garrett really be the Whistle-Stop Bandit?

My Take:

What a delight! Margaret Brownley writes palpable romance. The way she draws emotional word pictures twists and releases the reader at just the right intervals for a satisfying read.

But her plots are even more outstanding. Who would have dreamed that ... oh, no. You won't get me to spoil the whodunnit! Especially after the culprit went to such extremes to conceal himself.

Ms. Brownley describes her writing as "Love and Laughter in the Old West." True on both accounts. One scene left me howling. I don't even need to go into it. You'll know the scene I mean when you get there!

Suspense readers will love the intrigue here. Romance readers will love the secrets! Everyone will love the humor. Margaret Brownley has certainly become a a new favorite!

About the reviewer:

Suspense Sister Marji Laine writes about hope and redemption. Her characters, tangled in desperate situations, rely on authentic faith in God to carry them through treachery, betrayal, and impossible circumstances.

A Homeschooling mom of four, she has two still left in the nest. She directs a children’s choir at her church, coordinates the high school classes and the website at a large coop, and is the historian for the DFW Chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers.

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