Monday, May 18, 2015


Marji Laine reviews a Love Inspired Suspense, Motive for Murder by Carol J. Post

Short Version

This trip is truly a deadly homecoming for tough and spunky Jessica Parker. Nothing less severe than a family death would make her return to the town that judged her and practically drove her away. Besides, despite the bitterness between her and her late sister, she's the only next-of-kin available. But too many things counter the suicide label the police stuck on her sister's tragedy.

Unfortunately, there are those in town who don't want Jess to dig through the details of the death. Either that, or they still hold her past against her and simply look forward to her leaving. Amid both veiled and blatant threats from various sources, Jess finds hope in Shane Dalton, an artistic type whose ghosts will drive him away soon enough.

Shane's undercover FBI mission can't be risked, nor can his convictions about getting too close to anyone be reverse. Even by a chic brunette who challenges and entices him. But if the two of them are going to find the truth about the murder, they'll have to learn to trust - something they never allow themselves to do.

My Take

Motive for Murder had all the elements of a top notch suspense.

Broken characters with spark and quirks, Shane and Jess gave a semblance of familiarity. As though seeing them in person wouldn't be a surprise. And their romance lit up the pages from the first chapter.

The activity in this story never stopped. The first page opened with a shock followed by a surprise, and the spinning details continued to seep into the action of the story until the culmination. Carol Post set up a clever mystery with threats that amp up in every chapter.

Mystery and suspense lovers will enjoy this new Love Inspired Suspense offering.

About Senior Reviewer, Marji Laine:

With 2 still in the nest, and a brand new daughter-in-love, this homeschooling mom of 4 spends her time chauffeuring for volleyball, choir, babysitting, and church activities. Between trips, she and her hubby of almost 29 years host a college Bible Study and work together with a children's choir that Marji has directed for several years. When not writing, reading, or driving, she enjoys singing in her church choir, performing in musicals, photography, digital scrapbooking, and NASCAR.


  1. I like the idea of the "undercover" agent. And the Spanish moss hanging from the trees on the cover give it that southern mystery feel.

    1. That moss inspires all sorts of delicious intrigue! LOL!

  2. I'm looking forward to reading this one!


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