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THE BABY RESCUE by Margaret Daley

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"Evil is in our world. It's how we deal with it that's important. Do we let it overtake our lives or do we do our small part to stop it? We all have choices." -Colton Phillips from The Baby Rescue by Margaret Daley.

U.S. Deputy Marshal Colton Phillips is a determined man. Determined to catch every criminal he comes up against. Nothing changes when he is assigned to a case involving a child-smuggling ring. Someone is selling babies and it's up to a team of experts to find the ones responsible and stop them and Colton makes it his top priority. He's focused. He knows what is expected of him. He has a one-track mind--until F.B.I. Agent Lisette Sutton is assigned to be his partner. Colton's one-track mind starts to wander to a place he's not sure he wants it to go and that could be dangerous.

F.B.I. Agent Lisette Sutton is on constant guard. Not just from the danger of each new case but from her colleagues as well. She is a woman in what's typically considered a man's world. Since her mother, who was also an F.B.I. agent, left her job under questionable circumstances, Lisette has had to prove her ability to do her job more than ever before. Catching the leader of a child-smuggling ring will earn her the respect and prestige she has worked so hard for. The one thing that can get in the way is her partner, Colton Phillips. Can she separate her work from her growing feelings for this dedicated and driven man?

I have to admit, characters in uniforms draw my interest very easily. Firemen. Paramedics. U.S. Marshals. They are tough. Determined. Protective. Dedicated. You really can't go wrong reading about them. The same is true in The Baby Rescue. But the added bonus is you not only have one hunk to go ga-ga over, you have several. But it's not all about the guys. Lisette is one tough cookie and a tip-top F.B.I. agent. She struggles throughout the the story with forgiving her mother which, in turn, causes her to struggle with her faith. But Colton's gentle prodding and words of faith help Lisette realize that forgiveness is the key to happiness which I feel is a beautiful part of this story. 

Colton is thorough, determined and protective. He is a man of strong faith. A by-product of the foster care system, he changes agencies every two years. He has never stayed in once place for very long and really doesn't foresee that ever changing. But all it takes is the love of one woman to completely turn his world upside down. Colton is a loner and easy to talk to. Lisette hates loose ends. When they come together as a team it's explosive, both professionally and personally. Watching their relationship unfold is truly a joy that adds quite a bit of enjoyment to the story.

Action? This book has loads of action. Colton and Lisette are part of a team of officers assigned to protect a witness through the WitSec Program and danger is constantly looming over them. From car chases to flying bullets-- the reader really gets drawn into the story at a fast pace. But my biggest love of this book was "Baby C", the infant Colton and Lisette both swore to protect. Without even a real name she managed to worm her way into my heart just like she did the officers on the case. This being said, the child-smuggling ring is an exciting and powerful plot that will keep you thoroughly entertained until the very last page. This is my first book in this series but it won't be my last by any means. Margaret Daley is a true master in suspense writing and anyone that loves books centered around high profile cases will love it. Definitely worth the read!

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  1. Sounds good, Wanda. I don't think I've ever read a story that dealt with babynapping.

    1. It was very good. I loved Colton's character and, any time there's a tough heroine, I know I'll love the story! Thanks Sandra!

  2. Great review, Wanda. The premise of this story twists up my insides. Intense suspense indeed! Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Thank you, Marji! I really enjoyed the book and I love Margaret Daley. She's a great author. :)

  3. Thanks for the review! I really want to read this book now.


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