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SHADOWS OF THE PAST by Patricia Bradley

Marji Laine reveiws:
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Patricia Bradley shows a vast talent in this, her debut publication. Tweet This!

Shadows of the Past offers the perfect read for a summer weekend. Tweet This!

Dr. Taylor Martin, professor of psychology and criminal profiler, often helps local police solve difficult cases. So why can't she solve her own personal mystery—where is her father? The tragedies surrounding not-so-successful investigations and pressures from her family compel her to return home to Logan Point, Mississippi. Determined this time to find her missing father, she encounters resistance from the most surprising sources.

Nick Sinclair, novelist and New York Times bestseller, first encounters the beautiful profiler on a search for his runaway brother. Though the murder of his wife still haunts him, he can't get Taylor out of his mind. Which is probably a good thing, since their paths continue to cross.

These characters have such depth, they seem real. Both Christians, I could practically guess their Spiritual gifts and even their love languages.

Nick is a PROFESSOR with a desire for peace: home, family, kids. (Okay, maybe not so much peace with the kids ...) He excels in research and writing. Focused on the Lord's work, he also has a passion for inner-city children and hopes someday to open a camp for them. He doesn't understand Taylor's penchant for police work.

Taylor has a cop's heart. Not like the CRUSADER flinging herself in harm's way—that would be her best friend, Livy. Taylor has a longing to solve crimes and unravel puzzles. She's a LIBRARIAN. With her, it's all about the information, uncovering key data and crafting psychologically reasonable conclusions.

Patricia Bradford pens an exciting story, one with the atmosphere and feel of an all-time favorite author, Phyllis A. Whitney.
  • The multiple twists of the mystery delighted. While I did figure out the answers before the halfway mark, the ending entirely satisfied. 
  • The intensity of the suspense gripped. More than once, my chin dropped. And at one point, I called out loud, "Oh no you did not." My children, thankfully are used to such outbursts. :)
  • The passion found depths well beyond her beautiful eyes and his broad shoulders. I love a romance where the attractions stem from the characters hopes, fears, and dreams. From their essences. 
This story soars toward those at the top of my list! I highly recommend it for lovers of mystery, intrigue, and a satisfying romance.  The best news is, Shadows of the Past is Book 1 of the Patricia Bradley's Logan Point series. Book #2 comes out this fall. I'm on it!

Reviewer: Marji Laine

Marji Laine is a collaborator in three novellas with short stories published in both books and magazines. A homeschooling mom or four, two of which are graduates, she is married to a wonderful business analyst who keeps her grounded in reality. Her blog, Faith Driven Fiction, posts reader and writer focused articles as well as analysis of popular movies with a Biblical World view. Find her at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, or Google+.

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