Wednesday, August 20, 2014

NO ONE TO TRUST by Lynette Eason

Marji Laine reviews.
Lynette Eason crafts an amazing suspense as her first book in the Hidden Identity series. Non-stop action peppered with a tender romance, betrayal, and forgiveness. Oh, and did I mention action?

Kyle Abernathy has a secret. Well, a lot of secrets. And enemies. But he's successfully avoided them for over a year. Entrenched in a modest home with a wife and a good cover, why should he expect anyone to come after him now?

Summer Abernathy wakes to a gun in her face, a threat on her life and that of her husband, and the revelation that her entire marriage and current life are made up of nothing but lies. Her search for her missing husband only begins this fast-paced journey into organized crime and the presence of men who will stop at nothing to get away with their wicked actions.

What an well-crafted story. I'm truly in awe of Lynette Eason's talent! This plot never let me go.

The heroine, Summer, as an attorney focused on helping battered women and their children, is a NURTURER. She has the type of personality who will insists on helping and has trouble being out of the loop. Her husband is a WARRIOR, loyal and used to being in motion for a good cause. Yet he has been forced into a benign life. Well, until page 1!

While the two mains dealt with active character arcs, Eason didn't leave out a grand supporting cast, some of them with personal growth as well. I have to say my favorite character was the antagonist. So evil, and yet had such a tenderness toward his pets. The man truly doted on them, and he needed them to keep him calm. Really, it was creepy, but made the character so layered.

The plot blended perfectly. Not only with the hero and heroine, but the six or so other contributing characters that made the story work. Complicated, yet not contrived. With the perfect balance of reason and logic to make the novel flow with authenticity.

The best news is Book #2 of the Hidden Identity series comes out in a few weeks. And YES you'll hear about the story right here! I'm hoping this second book, Nowhere to Turn, delves into the lives of some of the supporting characters. Particularly, a few of the men would make excellent heroes in the next story!

But, we'll have to wait and find out!

Reviewer: Marji Laine

Marji Laine is a collaborator in three novellas with short stories published in both books and magazines. A homeschooling mom or four, two of which are graduates, she is married to a wonderful business analyst who keeps her grounded in reality. Her blog, Faith Driven Fiction, posts reader and writer focused articles as well as analysis of popular movies with a Biblical World view. Find her at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, or Google+.

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